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5 simple steps to your own explainer video

  1. 1. Planning & Briefing

    At the beginning of the project, our project manager will assist and inform you. The details of your services and your target groups will be defined with the help of a questionnaire and a personal briefing. We will expand on this information through our own research and in-house brainstorming.

  2. 2. Scripting

    The backbone of every successful explainer video is its script. To this end, we will develop a gripping message, research the target group, and find suitable metaphors and imagery.

  3. 3. Storyboarding & Voiceover

    Storyboarding begins by designing your desired style. After bringing together your style and the script, the result is the storyboard. At the same time, we will give you the choice between various voice actors and produce a voice-over with your desired speaker.

  4. 4. Animation & Sounds

    Finally, we will bring your video to life with animation. Carefully-chosen sound effects and background music play an important role in this as well. We will continue to hone your video until it is everything you wanted!

  5. 5. Performance Assessment & Online Marketing

    In the end, you will receive your explainer video in any format that you require as well as in HD. With our additional package, you can subsequently improve the impact of your video even more. We offer online marketing services and ways to measure your video’s success.